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  • May 5

    National Day of Prayer

    Annual day of observance designated by U.S. Congress on the first day of May.

  • May 5

    BEST PhD Public Policy Career Lab

    Come join us to learn about what Science Policy is and why Scientists should be involved in Public Policy arenas. We will hear from Georgia Tech’s Assistant Director of Federal Relations and discuss issues that affect research funding and universities at the national level. We will also discuss career options in public policy for PhDs with science and engineering backgrounds. Sign up to receive materials ahead of time.

    Lunch will be served.

  • May 5

    Seminar: How the Functional Clustering of L-Type Calcium Channels Enhances Excitability in Our Hearts and Minds

    L-type calcium channels are ubiquitously expressed in excitable cells. They are engaged in a wide range of physiological processes including excitation-contraction coupling in muscle, hormone secretion, gene transcription, and repetitive neural discharge.

    As is the case for all voltage-gated channels, it is widely assumed that individual L-type calcium channels behave independently with respect to voltage-activation, open probability, and facilitation. In this talk, I will describe the results of super-resolution fluorescent imaging, optogenetic measurements, and electrophysiological measurements that refute this long-held view.